Tree Care Services

The landscape of your property is a big part of what makes your home so comfortable. Keep your investment healthy and vibrant with the 100tcl service of tree Houston. We offer professional tree care services including tree cutting services, tree and stem removal, integrated pest management, and other tree care. Our arborists have been taking care of beautiful landscapes for a long time, and they know how to make your property look beautiful all year round.

The arborists use the art and science of their art to preserve trees at all stages of their life: planting, cabbage, pruning, feeding, and removal.

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The following Tree Services are offered

  1. Pruning of Trees
  2. Tree clearing service
  3. Tree Insect Control

Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance, tree trimming, or tree pruning will extend the life of your trees and make your lawn look neater. Our team will take care of your trees and ensure they always look their best. 

Yard Maintenance

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature and flourish. Our team will make sure things stay healthy and grow strong!

Consultation Services

Ready to change your landscape but not sure where to start? A consultation with our team will answer all your questions and help you develop a plan.

The company adjusts the tree care services Houston each season, to prevent the most common problems your property faces throughout the year. The company will also customize its services for your trees and shrubs as needed. And all of the products are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure the safety of your environment.

We understands how important your trees are in your view of the landscape and property and also know that caring for your trees and shrubs can be more than just a bargain. From timely logging and pruning to prevent and reduce infestation, there can be much work to do to keep mature trees healthy.


The products are not only tested and approved, but their experts have also experienced certification specialists with knowledge of all aspects of tree supply.

Pruning and trimming of trees

Trimming down a tree may seem easy, but it is quite complicated. It is tough for a variety of reasons.

The most common reason for pruning trees is to promote new growth in the spring. This type of cutting should be done in late winter and early spring. On the other hand, summer pruning can be done to slow down growth or to remove the growth in one area and then move it to another part of the tree.

The certified arborists understand the life cycle of trees and shrubs. They can provide you yard with information on all aspects of castration. Whether you just want to save the life of your trees by removing dead wood, or cleverly designing your trees to compliment the exterior of your house, trees Houston is the ones to call. They will not cut any corners during the trimming and pruning of trees

Tree clearing

Tree removal is done for a variety of important reasons, including the safety of your home and the health of your yard. Dead trees can endanger the safety of standing buildings if they are close to the building. Large trees can be torn down during storms and on houses.

 Insect control

Preventing the arrival of pests and fungus growth is the best way to keep trees healthy. But once they arrive, they act quickly to damage the tree.

Each type of bug will affect your trees and shrubs differently. Some insects are completely harmless to plant life; sometimes they even benefit! Some are very dangerous to the health of trees and plants.

There are tree-bearing insects, leaf-eating insects, and tree fruits, and other insects that even absorb nutrients from trees. Many trees can survive the onslaught of an insect that eats its leaves, fruit, or flowers… if you catch it fast enough. However, tree-bearing insects need to be eradicated immediately. They soon squeezed life into the trees and prevented the trees from getting the water and nutrients they needed. Some of them are


  • Insect repellents, such as aphids, spider mites, and scales
  • Chewing insects, such as worms, caterpillars, and other beetles
  • Trees that carry trees, such as beetles

Annual Tree Care Service

Did you know that healthy trees can add 20% to the market value of your area? The local teams have knowledge of the ages and trees in our area. By working with you, the company’s certified plant inspectors will maintain the health and beauty of your trees while keeping the safety of your property in mind.

Regular tree storage not only keeps your assets looking good, and keeps them safe. Healthy trees can provide shade for your home, reduce the cost of AC in the heat and provide shelter in adverse weather conditions. Lightning, strong winds, and erosion are not a threat if you have leaf monitors around your home