Sprinkler Services in Houston

When a sprinkler system breakdown or isn’t working appropriately, you may have no awareness of where the problem lies. Characteristically you’ll have to search around to find the offender. Fortunately, our squad is here to suitably look for where the problem lies, then tackle it with exactness. We offer dependable sprinkler repair to all Houston homeowners.

As with other features of your home, preservation is required for Sprinkle Houston systems. Regular maintenance guarantees proper functionality and increases the permanence of your sprinkler. If maintenance is abandoned, then you hazard causing a serious problem or expensive damage. For reliable sprinkler system maintenance in Houston, Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting is here to assist!

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Irrigation System Installation:

100%TLC installs only excellent landscapes & lawn sprinkler systems in Houston. Our maintenance clients get the best service. We are skilled and qualified in the installation, service, and maintenance of expert landscape & irrigation systems, and we have outstanding customer satisfaction.

Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance, tree trimming, or tree pruning will extend the life of your trees and make your lawn look neater. Our team will take care of your trees and ensure they always look their best. 

Yard Maintenance

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature and flourish. Our team will make sure things stay healthy and grow strong!

Consultation Services

Ready to change your landscape but not sure where to start? A consultation with our team will answer all your questions and help you develop a plan.

Things we prepare when we carry out a sprinkler repair service call

  1. Consult with proprietor or property administrator about their service/repair requirements
  2. Check irrigation system to:
  • Verify glitches defined by the customer
  • Troubleshoot and identify system for problems and their results
  • Validate system procedure
  • Recognize any supplementary repair items that the customer may be uninformed of

3. Repair irrigation system, and then re-check the irrigation system to confirm that a sound repair has been made OR Prepare/acquiesce approximation (verbal or written) if there are any repairs or cost of repairs are going to beat a prearranged specified amount.

We’ll maintain your sprinkler after the installation. Technical support is constantly obtainable:

Technical support is continually accessible, whether it is for a new or old landscape, sprinkler system, or assets we maintenance. In some cases, we can offer same-day on-site service!

You may be bright to discover a lower price anywhere else. By using a non-licensed worker, cheap material & system apparatuses, or someone who does not use a moral landscape & irrigation system design, you can expurgate crooks. But contemplate the high future charges to you. Why risk purchasing an ordinary landscape, Sprinkle Houston, & irrigation system or repair work from another contractor that will need common costly repairs?

Since presence is a key factor in defining market value; why detriment the value of the property that you cost so much time and money on? Just to put aside a few dollars on your landscaping or sprinkler system?

Sprinkler Repair & Drip Irrigation:

100%TLC focuses on residential and commercial sprinkler systems, and no matter the period, we offer maintenance for your lawn irrigation system. Our skilled and licensed specialists are ready to professionally discourse your sprinkler issues. Our work expresses for itself.

Our Rolling Sprinkler Repair Warehouse

When our Irrigation Service Operator reaches your property, he will be approaching in a Completely Stocked Truck with all the sprinkler parts he wants to repair your sprinkler system. Our Service Vehicles are stocked daily. Our Service Vehicle will come ready for whatever job with 2,000+ irrigation parts and apparatuses.

Sufficient staff to replace your whole system twice if we had to! This is a momentous additional value for our clients. With this amount of list on the truck, there frequently is no need for the Service Technician to go get parts or rearrange another trip out after parts have been ordered and come in. In the meantime, your sprinkler system is still not employed. We complete 98% of our repair occupations on the primary visit.

If we do not have a part we want on the truck, we can frequently dispatch a driver from our Main Distribution Warehouse and transport it to your site, without holding up the repair job.

Listed Sprinkler Maintenance Services:

Are you tired of wasting your valued time disturbing about problems with your Lawn Sprinkler System? Are you weary of harassing with the repetitive repairs on your Sprinkler System? Are you conscious that you may be deteriorating water and money by not upholding your Sprinkler System?

100%TLC would like to offer you the Maintenance Services that are desirable for your Sprinkle Houston System. Maintenance is planned episodic work that is essential to keep your Sprinkler System in good working instruction by avoiding its worsening.