Reliable and Professional Irrigation Services in Houston

Keeping a lawn or garden luxurious throughout the heat of summer is particularly tricky in areas like Houston, where poor irrigating methods can wastewater or drought situations can kill off plants. It’s informal to forget to water or to try the sprinkler on, move it around each so frequently, and turn it off again.

Be completed with the bother once and for all with an irrigation system from 100%TLC. We will estimate your requirements and design an active irrigation system. Typically the designs comprise also a drip Irrigation Houston system, where a stable but small amount of water is supplied at almost all times, or a scheduled sprinkler system. Lawns and gardens aren’t just stunning to look at; they’re also an investment. If you are stressed to have your investment at its full potential and live in Houston, irrigation systems from 100%TLC are a perfect choice.

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Houston Sprinkler System

Is it value having a sprinkler system for your lawn or site? Yes! Sprinklers take one more object off of your salver, giving you equanimity that the lawn is being reserved care of while you tend to further areas of your life. And if your possessions are large, it is particularly time and profitable to use a sprinkler system. You can guarantee that all areas are consistently and sufficiently watered, and the timing system on sprinklers lets your grass or garden be irrigated at the best times of the day. In Houston, sprinkler systems are picture-perfect for golf courses and country clubs, parks, public avenues or easements, and any scope of the lawn.

Tree Maintenance

Regular maintenance, tree trimming, or tree pruning will extend the life of your trees and make your lawn look neater. Our team will take care of your trees and ensure they always look their best. 

Yard Maintenance

It takes time for the living elements of your landscape to mature and flourish. Our team will make sure things stay healthy and grow strong!

Consultation Services

Ready to change your landscape but not sure where to start? A consultation with our team will answer all your questions and help you develop a plan.

Commercial and Residential Lawn Sprinkler Installation in Houston:

A quality landscape irrigation project is a prodigious start but how your lawn sprinkler system is installed can also mark your return on investment.

Are your pipes under the rime line? Is your backflow expedient up to cipher? Was the installation team qualified? What is the guarantee and are you going to apply wealth by regularly repairing a low installation job? Frequently the contractor that sells you a system is not about when your system is installed.

At 100%TLC, all of our commercial and residential lawn sprinkler system installation chiefs are fully licensed rather than working under someone else’s certificate. This guarantees that each job is quality and the system is intended according to plan.

We don’t cut corners and we confirm that your yard has full direct coverage. This removes brown spots during the hot summer months. Our sprinkler and Irrigation Houston systems are installed appealingly so that your landscape on display, not your irrigation system. How frequently have you seen unappealing pipes rising out of the beds or heads that stance a risk because they are advanced than the lawn?

Best Lawn Irrigation System in Houston:

A current study exposed that the steady acre of Houston landscape is water over-flowing by more than 200%. By leading water inspections, we have effectively cut water ingesting in half for many customers getting our lawn irrigation services in Houston.

The design also plays a dynamic role in the general health and ailment of your landscape. Is your landscape investment reliant upon an unwell-designed irrigation system? Deficiencies over the past years have bare subpar water sprinkler systems in our area.

When you see grass grilling, staining, or thinning out, plants wilting and trees dying, these are all symbols of a poorly intended irrigation system. Every one of our systems is intended not only to meet, but too far surpass both state and local codes and they are all installed with the Environmental Protection Agency’s label to show our company, authorization, and obligation to water conservation. Call us today and ask about a design that encounters all of your landscape requirements while saving you money and saving water.

We always welcome our clients with a smiley face:

Call today to plan a free estimation on an Irrigation Houston system install or to discover how to make your current system more effective. We welcome overall contractors, commercial and residential customers. We are always more than pleased to answer any queries that you have and to offer you all of the info you need to make a well-versed decision when buying your new system.