Kevin Franco

Kevin Franco, 100% TLC owner & founder, a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, began his career as a passionate teacher at Pin Oak Middle School located in Bellaire, TX.  At the school Mr. Franco woud dedicate countless hours to his social studies students while also serving as a Cluster Leader,  S.D.M.C. representative, and coach for the boys & girls soccer program. Mr. Kevin Franco excells in leadership together and brings knowledge, experience, attention to detail and great customer service. In our landscape industry our president & founder will make sure that you get quality results for your commercial and residential property. Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Franklin Franco

Franklin Franco, a graduate from The University of Houston-Downtown,  is our marketing consultant. Franklins passion and dedication ensure that our customers receive top notch services from our president and founder.  Franklin Franco dedicates his time to Camden Apartments where he serves as a leader within the Camden Family.

Glenda Franco

Glenda Franco, a graduate from The University of Houston- Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, graduated with summa cum laude honors and helps serve as our landscaping consultant.  Glenda assists the founder and president with important business transactions along with a detailed view.  Glenda works at Jackson & Ryan Architects as a Senior Associate and is passionate in helping others. Jackson & Ryan Architects is a leading architecture firm in Houston, TX. 

Elizabeth Monterroza

Elizabeth Monterroza is our office manager. Elizabeth is an important member to our 100%TLC family and brings many years of experience in the landscape industry. Elizabeth is passionate and loves the office ensuring that everything is in tip-top shape.

Kelly Rodriguez

Kelly Rodriguez is our office assistant at 100%TLC. Kelly brings a can-do attitude to our office and helps with office organization & the registration of our commercial vehicles. Kelly also brings in years of personal experience to our landscape industry.

Maryury Fernandez

Maryury Fernandez is our contract specialist at 100%TLC. Thanks to her proactive and multi-tasking abilities, Ms. Fernandez specializes with our commercial contracts and ensures the company is incompliance with federal and state law.